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‘it’s a good feeling because it makes us realize

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Unformatted text preview: ‘It’s a good feeling because it makes us realize how these shopkeepers are making fools out of us by charging such a high price’ (Respondent 12, interview, February 6, 2011). For a few people bargaining is more of an experience. Even if a person gets a good bargain but finds the same item at lower price somewhere else, one respondent adds that ‘You will feel sad but at least it will be an experience for you’ (Respondent 55, interview, February 27, 2011). o Personality : When it came to haggling, most customers said that they would interact with the retailers in a soft manner in order to achieve a good bargain. This was because they believed that building a good reputation and relationship was an important point in the bargaining process. One retailer says ‘If a person speaks to me 36 nicely I will cater him but if it is otherwise I will not waste my time and wait for next person and will not negotiate with him further’ (Retailer 1, interview, February 27, 2011). However some customers said that they would talk nicely to an extent and would not continue if the retailer is not interested. ‘I start off in a soft way, if he doesn’t agree then become a bit harsh, even then if he doesn’t agree, I quote my final price and then walk off if he’s not interested to sell’ (Respondent 11, interview, February 6, 2011). Another finding was that a lot of people came with friends and family but few of them liked to shop or bargain alone. ‘I prefer bargaining alone because I don’t like it when someone breaks into the conversation’ (Respondent 42, interview, February 20, 2011). o Self Concept : Most customers believed themselves to be a good bargainer. According to them this was because they were experienced shoppers and had knowledge of the market. The qualities of a good bargainer that were highlighted by the respondents included being humble and confident throughout the transaction process. ‘First of all he should have the confidence. He shouldn’t waste time. Whatever you like you should negotiate with the retailer’ (Respondent 41, interview, February 20, 2011). Also one should have the knowledge and an eagerness to save. ‘A good bargainer would be a person who has the load of his/her household and has the responsibility of his/her household and have this sense that this money is mine and I need to save it where I can’ (Respondent 55, interview, February 27, 2011). A retailer summarizes what it takes to be a good bargainer. ‘ A good bargainer knows the actual worth of the item because he/she has surveyed the market and will not pay more for an item which is not worth that much money, and they also know how much the retailer will bring down his price so they make an offer accordingly, they don't make stupid offers that would force the retailer to ask them to leave’ (Retailer 12, interview, February 27, 2011)....
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‘It’s a good feeling because it makes us realize how...

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