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Colleg Comp II Unit 4 Assignment

If fast food is so bad for us why do we continue to

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If fast food is so bad for us, why do we continue to eat so much of it? For starters fat is addictive to our bodies. Fast foods include a lot of fats so the more we eat of it the more we crave it. It is usually also very low in fiber. Fiber is needed by our bodies to flush out all the preservatives and unhealthy things in the foods we eat. Without fiber the toxins build up causing diseases and other serious health issues. The average person would have to eat more than two times the required calories in order to gain enough fiber to allow their body to run efficient enough to digest the required number of calories still leaving the excess to sit there as build up. If we all start making better choices the fast food industry will have no choice but to offer us better foods. The consequences of better choices can only be positive for everyone. Dubost, Joy (2012). Kids Live Well. Retrieved from http://www.restaurant.org/foodhealthyliving/kidslivewell/about/ Want to Watch Calories When Dining out? (2012). Retrieved from http://www.restaurant.org/foodhealthyliving/foodenthusiasts/eatingsmart/ Browne, Charles (2011). The Dangers of Fast Food. Retrieved from http://www.bodyweightculture.com/forum/content.php?43-The-Dangers-of-Fast-Food
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