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Bio 112 word list

Adaptation directional selection disruptive selection

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adaptation directional selection disruptive selection stabilizing selection balancing selection sexual selection sexual dimorphism speciation microevolution macroevolution cladogenesis biological species reproductive isolation population allopatric sympatric prezygotic barriers habitat, temporal, behavioural, mechanical, gametic postzygotic barriers reduced hybrid fertility, reduced hybrid vitality, hybrid breakdown heterochrony adaptive radiation incremental changes fossil geologic record eon Hadean Archaean Proterozoic Phanerozoic oxygenation Cambrian explosion mass extinction extraterrestrial impact flood basalt extinction crisis circular chromosome coccus (cocci) bacillus (bacilli) spiral strepto- Archaea Bacteria peptidoglycan gram positive gram negative autotroph heterotroph chemotroph phototroph photoautotroph chemoautotroph photoheterotroph chemoheterotroph obligate aerobe facultative anaerobe obligate anaerobe photosynthesis cyanobacteria nitrogen fixation binary fission horizontal gene transfer extremophilia thermophile halophile symbiosis bioluminescence pathogen eukaryote unicellular
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