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Developing and training employees is also important

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aware of personal biases as well as their employees. Developing and training employees is also important and a manager needs to be flexible and understanding of different peoples abilities to learn and perform tasks. This is also important when a diverse group of people is joined to be a team. Effective management of different employees will lead to success internally and externally. Forces of change such as an aging population, increased immigration, outsourcing, changes in technology, economic changes, global and domestic competition, social trends, and world politics can lead to changes in an organization. An organization with foresight will come up with a plan for change to help the organization meet the challenges of a changing society. Although the change is necessary organizations can still meet resistance through individual sources and organizational sources. The individual sources include habits or programmed responses, security needs, economic factors, fear of the unknown, and selective information processing. Organizational sources include structural inertia, limited focus of change, group inertia,
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WEEK 1 & 2 LEARNING TEAM SUMMARY 3 threat to expertise, and threat to established power relationships. Management can overcome resistance to change through education and communication, inviting participation from employees, building support, develop positive relationships, develop positive relationships, and implementing changes fairly. An organization can also
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