Incorrect Answers A Cloud Dataflow is a fully managed service for transforming

Incorrect answers a cloud dataflow is a fully managed

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Incorrect Answers: A: Cloud Dataflow is a fully-managed service for transforming and enriching data in stream (real time) and batch (historical) modes. C: Store your private Docker container images on Cloud Platform for fast, scalable retrieval and deployment. Container Registry is a private Docker repository that works with popular continuous delivery systems. It runs on Cloud Platform to provide consistent uptime on an infrastructure protected by Google’s security. You pay only for storage and internet egress you use, there is no per-image fee. Reference: load-balancing/http/ Question: 143 Mountkirk Games’ gaming servers are not automatically scaling properly. Last month, they rolled out a new feature, which suddenly became very popular. A record number of users are trying to use the service, but many of them are getting 503 errors and very slow response times. What should they investigate first? A. Verify that the database is online B. Verify that the project quota hasn’t been exceeded C. Verify that the new feature code did not introduce any performance bugs D. Verify that the load-testing team is not running their tool against production Answer: B Explanation: 503 is service unavailable error. If the database was online everyone would get the 503 error. Question: 144 The migration of JencoMart’s application to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is progressing too slowly. The infrastructure is shown in the diagram. You want to maximize throughput. What are three potential bottlenecks? Choose 3 answers.
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