3 There is political support in cultural diversity in Brisbane this can mean a

3 there is political support in cultural diversity in

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3. There is political support in cultural diversity in Brisbane, this can mean a possible grant from the Government if applied. 4. 1.2 million international arrivals visited Brisbane in the first quarter of 2017, Queensland’s most popular city. Here, Blackbox should take this opportunity to become an iconic stop for international tourists seeking coffee and dessert and experience Brisbane’s internationalism. Threat 1. Consumer trends change continuously, contingency plans should be made if for example a particular city or country becomes “trendy” in Australia. For example, Paris and Japan have always been popular international cultures here in Australia. 2. Political tensions with different countries could potentially affect the promotion of certain countries in Blackbox. If there is political tension with one country, Blackbox may have to minimise or diminish the promotion of that country in blackbox. 3. If the economy in Brisbane falls, sales in the business may fall to a low, in this case profit cannot be made and business pricing techniques need to be accustomed to such situations.
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