5 social environment size of work group and inter

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5. Social environment : Size of work group and inter-personal interactions required to perform the job are given. 6. Machines, tools and equipments: The name of major machines, equipments, and materials used in the job are described. 7. Supervision: The extent of supervision given or received is stated in terms of persons to be supervised along with their job titles. Designation of immediate superior and subordinates may also be described. 8. Relation with other jobs : The jobs immediately, above and below are mentioned. It provides an idea of vertical workflow and channel of promotion. It also indicates to whom the jobholder will report and who will report to him/her.
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Specimen of job description Job title : Manager, wage and salary administration Code number : HR/1705 Department: Human resource division Job summary : Responsible for company wage and salary programs, job analysis, job evaluation, wage and salary surveys and benefit administration. Job duties : Supervises job analysis studies and approves final form of descriptions. Acts as a chairman of companywide job evaluation committee Conduct periodic wage and salary surveys in the community and industry Administer the company s fringe benefits program. Working conditions: Normal working conditions Eight hours per days a week. Supervision: Reports to director, human resources, and exercise supervision on officers in the wage and salary department in human resource division of the company. Relationships : with equivalent levels of other departments. → Maintain official social contacts with local officials. Job Specification It is a detailed statement of the minimum acceptable human qualities required for the proper performance of the job. It is a record of the physical, mental, social and psychological, and behavioral characteristics which a person should posses in order to perform the job effectively. Physical characteristics include height, weight, vision, hearing, health, age, hand foot coordination. Mental characteristics consist of general intelligence, memory, judgment, ability to concentrate, foresight etc. Social and psychological characteristic include emotional stability, flexibility, personal appearance, pleasing manner, initiative, drive, conversational ability etc. Other personal characteristics include sex, education, family, background, job experience, extra- curricular activities, hobbies, etc. Job specification tells what kind of person is required for a given job. It serves as a guide in the recruitment and selection processes. See the typical example of job specification of compensation manager below:
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