2 facilitate financial decision making by applying

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2) Facilitate financial decision-making by applying financial math and valuation principles to value securities, capital projects, and other assets. 3) Assess the risk associated with a financial or capital asset , identify the relevant capital costs, and estimate the cost of capital for financial decision-making purposes. 4) Apply the net present value, internal rate of return, and modified internal rate of return techniques to make project selection decisions in a capital budgeting context. Grading Scale Scale: A 90-100% B 80-89.5% C 70-79.5% D 60-69.5% F Below 60% The instructor reserves the rights to assign + and – grades within 3% of the grade based on student performance and attendance. For example, a student who has an average of 81% but has missed one homework will get a B- rather than a B while a student with an average of 79% who has completed all the assignments will get a C+. All grading disputes with final grades, tests, or any other assessment issues will need to be submitted in writing within 2 days of dispute occurrence.
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Course Evaluation Method Grading will be based on: Exam I 15% Exam II 15% Exam III 15% Exam IV 15% In-class Quizzes: one per chapter. Only 10 will count. 25% (12 Quizzes at 2.5% each; you can drop 2) Connect Homework: one per chapter. 15% (12 Homeworks at 1.25% each) Additional Course Policies Missing Exams and Late Assignments Unacceptable unless prior instructor approval is given. If there is any reason you cannot take the exam contact me before the event to discuss alternatives. Absence or late submission will result in no points and no opportunity to make points up. There is absolutely no forgiveness for late homework. Attendance Policy There will be an in-class quiz at the beginning of each chapter (usually once or twice per week) from 9:30-9:45 (at the latest). If you are late and you miss the quiz, there will be no make-up so you have to be in class at 9:30 AM promptly. Course Outline (This will change so make sure you download the new syllabus as it becomes available) Date Chapters Additional Notes 01/08 Introduction and Syllabus 01/10 Chapter 1 Quiz 1 01/15 Chapter 2 Quiz 2 01/17 Chapter 2 01/22 Chapter 3 Quiz 3 01/24 Problems and Questions Exam review 01/29 Exam I Chapters 1-3
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01/31 Chapter 5 YOU HAVE TO HAVE A FINANCIAL CALCULATOR Quiz 5 02/05 Chapter 6 Quiz 6 02/07 Chapter 6 02/12 Chapter 7 Quiz 7 02/14 Chapter 7 02/19 Problems and Questions Exam Review 02/21 EXAM II Chapters 5-7 02/26 Chapter 8 Quiz 8 02/28 Chapter 8 03/05 SPRING BREAK No class 03/07 SPRING BREAK No class 03/12 Chapter 9 Quiz 9 03/14 NO CLASS NO CLASS 03/19 Chapter 9 03/21 Chapter 10 Quiz 10 03/26 Problems and Questions Exam Review 03/28 Exam III Chapters 8-10
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2 Facilitate financial decision making by applying...

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