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PA305 Law Office Management Unit 2 assignment Doug Kaye

Information about cases or changes in the law

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information about cases or changes in the law efficiently, economically, and on a regularly scheduled or as needed basis. In many cases, a law firm can instantly relay information to clients, employees or anyone with a device that can use iTunes as a podcast players. "Podcasting is not for everyone. Consider whether your particular target audience would be inclined to listen to a podcast. For example, it's an ideal vehicle for reaching the younger generations, who want to control how, when and where they get their information. But it will probably not be as effective in communicating with senior executives. It's all about your audience's personal preferences” (Marx, 2013). Podcasts can be used as a way to increase a law firm's client base or to communicate with its employees and partners about important corporate information. Using just a simple personal computer with a microphone, an internet connection and basic software, just about anyone can create a podcast. The more time, effort, planning and resources a firm commits to a podcast series, the more professional and effective will be the results.
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