Journal Posting-The use of technology from the Internet to improve customer service and the Reduct

Processes to best serve customers and ultimately

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Unformatted text preview: processes to best serve customers, and ultimately improve the efficiency of your business – the latter of which can keep costs down. There are a few major areas in which technology now is able to help provide key advantages to businesses in engendering customer loyalty by improving customer service while lowering the stress levels of the customer service representatives. • Websites. Providing areas on your website where customers can answer their own questions or seek answers from others. • E-mail. Using e-mail as a way to improve customer service and more quickly respond to certain needs or help requests. • Communications. Unifying communications so that you know that the customer who left a voice mail also sent an e-mail with the same request a few days ago. • Software. Better managing customer relationships with more sophisticated data-gathering tools, such as customer relationship management software. The goal of your business in terms of its customer interactions is the generate loyalty. There's no better way to do that than to offer quality products and services and to be responsive to your customers. But as new technologies have come to market to make it easier for businesses to provide customer service, they may also be increasing the number of channels through which you interact with customers and the complexity of those interactions. Accenture, the technology consulting firm, suggests that businesses that want to use technology to raise the quality of their customer service focus on the following: • Data management and analytics • Insight-driven marketing • Marketing automation • Self-service optimization • Workforce effectiveness References Wagner, Todd, Treating Your Customers Right , November, 2003. Wasserman, Elizabeth, Tech Talk: Online Game Site Develops Forum, 2009. Zetlin, Minda, Helping Customers Help Each Other Online ,, 2007. Zetlin, Minda, Making Chat Work for Customers , 2008....
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