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Pioneer species indicator species relationship

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- Pioneer Species: - Indicator Species: - Relationship between Fire and Secondary Succession: - Climax Community: - Relationship between abiotic and biotic factors in succession.
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b. AQUATIC SUCCESSION – 9 indicator species (I recommend drawing chart) - Hummocks: definition and formation - Great Swamp vocabulary: 4. Range of Tolerance a. Definitions - Range of tolerance - Optimum Level - Law of Tolerance - Acclimation - Threshold Effect - Limiting Factors b. Lake Eutrophication: definition and process 5. Marine Ecosystems: a. Definitions and Concepts of Beaches Neap Tide Spring Tide Intertidal Zone b. Definitions and Concepts of Salt Marshes and Estuaries Major Physical Factors Inundation Location of Salt Marshes: Formation of Salt Marshes: Zonation and Vegetation ( study the chart.) Estuaries: Importance of Marshes and Estuaries: Threats to Marshes and Estuaries: 6. Energy Flow– all organisms (except those living at hydrothermal vents in oceans) get their energy either directly or indirectly from the sun a. Photosynthesis b. Cellular Respiration c. Definitions: Producer Consumer Decomposers Herbivore: Carnivore: Omnivore: Food Chain:* direction of arrows Food Web: * direction of arrows Trophic Levels:
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