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For each of the 3 authors that you are discussing and

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for each of the 3 authors that you are discussing and please cite the page in the format found in the Spring 2013 Cal Copy Reader (00--) . Please remember to put your name, the name of your TA, your section number or time, and the name of the course and lecture (Ethics and Society 27, Spring 2013, Professor G. Doppelt) on the cover page of your paper. Good Luck! Essay Topic: Do all parts (A), (B) and (C). Answer all parts of the following questions. Structure your paper into (A), (B), and (C) corresponding to the questions below: 1. What kind of policy of reverse discrimination or preferential treatment is morally defensible? 2. What are the good moral consequences of such a policy and why do the consequences justify it? 3. Is such a policy fair to the individuals directly affected by it? (A) Carefully explain how Rachels answers these three questions, dividing your (A) answer into parts (1), (2), and (3). (2 pages, 7 citations to the Cal Copy 2013 text) (B) Present a total of 4 criticisms of preferential treatment, 2 criticisms advanced by Blackstone (1 page, 2 criticisms, 4 citations) and 2 criticisms presented by Van Den Haag (1 page, 2 criticisms, 4 citations).
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