Covers the testing of web application risks wireless

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covers the testing of web application risks, wireless penetration of networks, manages how data is used and tests Windows for vulnerabilities which are enlisted so that exploitation may be undertaken. It tests the web applications that match up to OWASP standards and works on more than half of the web flaws ranked by OWASP (Phong, 2014). A major advantage of Core Impact Pro v10 is that it can be upgraded to v11 which screens the system to assess the risks that the organization faces. It then identifies the devices discovered, gathering information and conducting fingerprinting process against the network hosts. The devices used to attack the network are identified using factors such as the model or their Operating System. This is an important tool as it will offer the administrator some critical techniques for configuring and detecting vulnerabilities and exploiting them such as renaming of the device, monitoring all interfaces and configuration retrieval. Core Impact enables the exploitation of XSS vulnerabilities that are persistent thus giving the administrator an edge to counter such. Metasploit Framework: Metasploit Framework is an open source platform that allows for public contribution and research of security vulnerabilities. It then creates a code that permits an administrator to breach his network so as to classify the risks identified and arrange them in order of priority (Rouse, Metasploit Project, 2011). Metasploit scans and gathers information that
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