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They would clearly not be considered middle class by

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been on vacation and never owned a new car. They would clearly not be considered middle class by most standards but the media grouped them as they pleased. Society has no way of viewing the working class if the media does not present them, which has caused the working class to disappear. B: 1. Through listening to John Lennon’s song I am under the impression that he found the lifestyle very difficult, mentally and physically. In a sense the working class “can’t win”, they are hated because they are “dumb” but they are also hated if they are smart. He describes horrible physical difficulties as well. Being ignorant to the topic of labor studies before beginning this class, it is hard for me to know the true realities of the song, I would assume that not everyone in the working class had a life that was as harsh as described in the songs but many cases may have been. I would like to think that in present day America the lifestyle is not as harsh and if nothing else the working class in simply ignored rather than treated badly. Through watching Class Dismissed I have come to understand how the media mocks the working class, but I have
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never witnessed the physical aspects and difficulties of those in the working class. 2. I think the song related most to the ideas of lifestyle improvement and the idea that society generalizes the working class. The song described the desire to make it to “the top”, similar to the idea in Class Dismissed of achieving the “American Dream”. The song also described how the working class is often “not good enough” regardless of their accomplishments. Class Dismissed also showed this through the depiction of the working class in the media and how they needed to be “saved” by someone else in order to make it out.
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They would clearly not be considered middle class by most...

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