Module Six

Sniffing dumpster diving social engineering n fraud

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sniffing, dumpster diving, social engineering n Fraud – collusion, falsified transactions n Theft – information or trade secrets, physical hardware and software theft n Sabotage – Denial of Service (DoS), production delays n External Attacks – malicious cracking, scanning, war dialing Vulnerabilities n Traffic/Trend Analysis – analyzing data characteristics n Countermeasures include: n Padding Messages – making messages uniform size n Sending Noise – transmitting non-informational data elements to disguise real data n Covert Channel Analysis – unintended channel Data Scavenging n Piecing together information from bits of data n Keyboard Attacks – sitting at the keyboard using normal utilities to gain information n Laboratory Attack – using very precise electronic equipment IPL Vulnerabilities – Initial Program Load n Ability to put the system in single user mode at boot up
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n Grants Operator powerful features Network Address Hijacking n Enables intruder to capture traffic for analysis or password theft n Intruder can reroute the data output, obtain supervisory terminal function and bypass system logs.
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sniffing dumpster diving social engineering n Fraud...

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