Few republicans would ever vote for a tax hike and

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few Republicans would ever vote for a tax hike and almost no Democrat would take on the unions. Redistricting will recast many legislative districts, making them significantly less Democratic or Republican. And candidates running in a wide-open primary will have to rely on a broader base of contributors. The power of the unions, the shock jocks, the anti-taxers, will all be diluted. The writer supports the changes and thinks the previous situation was a bad one. He or she has knowledge of the political landscape in California and appears to support a wider democratic (but not Democratic) system. Exercise 1D 1. The following is a comment adapted from a letter to the editor that discusses legislation that would ban strikes by public employees. It contains an argument. What are the premises and conclusion? How has the writer failed to address their intended audience (the general readers of a newspaper)? What audience would be more appropriate for this particular argument? Bill 179 should be stopped. Not only does it take away the right to strike, it takes away the right to collective bargaining, through which both the employer and employee mutually agree to the terms and conditions under which they [employees] will work. As anyone who follows the news will know, the Pope has repeatedly stated that man has the right to demand what he feels is just compensation of his labours, including the right to strike. Conclusion: Bill 179 should be stopped.
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Good Reasoning Matters! A Constructive Approach to Critical Thinking, Fifth Edition © Oxford University Press Canada, 2012 2. Construct audience profiles for each of the following: Example: professional women Professional women are likely to be well-educated, to be strongly committed to equal rights for women, to value advancement in their profession, and to be sensitive to the issues that confront women in such careers. (a) university students x likely above-average intelligence x general basic knowledge x interest in issues affecting education x likely in late teens to early twenties, but demographic is changing x likely to have strong social conscience with an interest in changing things for the better x interest in popular culture
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few Republicans would ever vote for a tax hike and almost...

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