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521 is very close to 5 or one half the emf and

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.521 is very close to .5 or, one half the emf, and results in a 4.2% error. Proven theoretically- Questions: Q1) Why is a dead battery characterized by a high internal resistance? Higher resistances correlate to lower power outputs. Thus meaning, it stands to reason, that when a battery has no more power to offer (is dead), it must have a very high internal resistance. Q2) Explain why batteries of low current capacity have higher internal resistances than those batteries of high current capacity, e.g. a 12v flashlight battery vs. a 12 v car battery. V=IR, where V is the voltage, I is the current capacity, and R is the resistance. Therefore, I and R are inversely proportional. In order to maintain a constant V, 12 volts for
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instance, as the current capacity gets lower, the resistance must be much higher to compensate. Results/Discussion: This lab helped us gain a better understanding of electricity and circuits. In this lab, we learned that the voltage goes up as the current in the system goes down and vice- versa. This shows that voltage and current have an inverse relationship. Our percent discrepancy is 35.8The reason for why our percent discrepancy could be because faulty wires, people touching the connections, and parallax. This could be fixed by new wires, making sure nobody touches the connections too much, and making sure the person reading the ammeter and voltmeter at the same level every time. Overall though, this lab taught and showed us some very important relationships inside an electrical circuit.
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