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Values and Motives

Another flaw is my self control which is apparent by

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jokes. Another flaw is my self-control, which is apparent by my lack of forgiveness. Because I naturally take things seriously, I am very poor at holding in my emotions and desires. Another imperfection that I claim to have is that I sometimes stretch the truth. Because I have a desire to be perfect and liked by everyone, there are times where I catch myself altering who I am in order to please someone else. It seems subtle to me, but the fact that it even happens is an issue that is important for me to address. From these negative outcomes, I am able to learn what I need to improve on about myself. Through the VIA test, I learned a lot about my personality. What I had been taught from my management class is that if I put most emphasis in what traits I excel at the most, I will go far. Knowing what my top characteristics are, I will be sure to highlight these features in my everyday life. Conversely, by knowing what my weaknesses are, I will make sure to gradually address these problems until they hopefully go away or are at least less noticeable. By the collection of all the tests taken throughout the year, I feel as though I have grown an extremely strong grasp of who I actually am.
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