Final exam tuesday june 11 9 11 am textbook bs weeks

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FINAL EXAM: Tuesday, June 11, 9-11 am
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B.S. Weeks and I.E. Alcamo, 2006, AIDS: The Biological Basis, 5th Ed. Course website: All lecture slides, additional handouts and announcements will be placed on the Gaucho Space website. You can access the site using your UCSBnetID and password, login at and select MCDB 21. Exams and grading: There will be two midterm exams and one final exam. Your grade will be based on the outcome of all three exams and your performance in the discussion sections (total points out of 400 points maximum), as follows: Exam I (lectures 1-6) 100 points Exam II (lectures 7-12) 100 points Final Exam (lectures 1-18) 140 points (comprehensive) Discussion section 60 points Total possible points 400 points All exams and quizzes are mandatory and make-ups will not be given. If you feel there is a discrepancy with the grading of an exam, you will have one week to return the entire exam to the TA with a note attached explaining the problem and we will consider your concerns. However, you should be aware that we reserve the right to re-grade the entire exam. All exams will be photocopied after grading.
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FINAL EXAM Tuesday June 11 9 11 am Textbook BS Weeks and IE...

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