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Park University natural disasters

Young and entirely molten so craters were not created

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Unformatted text preview: young and entirely molten, so craters were not created 91. Evidence for the impact that occurred near Chicxulub, Mexico, includes all but which of the following? A. quartz grains with shocked crystal structures, indicating a short and violent impact B. iridium anomaly at roughly 100 sites worldwide in a thin layer of rock 65 million years old C. sand-sized spherules of minerals suggesting a melting and resolidification of rock D. large pieces of meteorite found in Mexico E. The K/T boundary clays have a different composition from clays in the limestone layers above and below it; they might be explained by a mixture of one part asteroid to ten parts Earth crust 17 GO125Natural Disasters, Final exam, CS Verma Park University 92. Likely effects of the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary impact include all but which of the following? A. a stratospheric dust cloud that lasted 3-6 months B. massive fires from the heat of the blast and from molten material C. oxides of nitrogen formed by the compressive shock wave, forming HNO 3 in the atmosphere D. significant long-term cooling in the oceans but warming in continental areas E. total extinction of all land animals with a body mass of more than about 10 kg 93. Relatively few impact craters have been discovered on Earth because _______________. A. most rocks are too resistant to crater B. the gravitational field is too weak C. weathering, erosion, and tectonic processes mask them D. bolides are very rare in this region E. Jupiter is so large it deflects them away from Earth 94. Evidence demonstrating that the crater in Arizona formed by meteorite impact includes all but which of the following? A. The crater is steep-sided and closed B. The rim of surrounding rock was created by uplifting the horizontal sedimentary-rock layers of the region and tilting them away from the crater C. Little hills of rock outside the crater rim are inverted piles of the rock sequence exposed in the crater walls D. Huge blocks of limestone are strewn around outside the crater E . A 550-ton spherical piece of nickel-iron metallic meteorite was found in the bottom of the crater 95. The solar system is surrounded by the Oort cloud composed of about a trillion comets, icy objects with orbits that take them far beyond the outermost planets of our solar system. A. TRUE B. FALSE 96. Some students in this class will likely live long enough to see a return of Halley's Comet. A. TRUE B. FALSE 97. Statistically, your risk of being killed by a meteoroid impact is greater than that of dying by flood or tornado. A. TRUE B. FALSE 18 GO125Natural Disasters, Final exam, CS Verma Park University 98. When space debris blazes through the Earth's atmosphere as a streak of light or shooting star, it is referred to as a _______________. A. moonlet B. falling star C. sunspot D. meteor E. starlet 99. In 1994, the comet Shoemaker-Levy crashed with spectacular results into _____________. A. Saturn B. Mars C. Titan D. Jupiter E. Venus 100. The solar wind is ___________________. A. what causes visible dust storms on Mars B. wind blowing on the surface of the Sun C. wind blowing within the Sun's dense gas below the surface D. the stream of subatomic particles flying outward from the Sun E. a blast of sunspot energy 19...
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young and entirely molten so craters were not created 91...

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