Not enrolled in tass as a contractor be trustworthy

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Not enrolled in TASS as a Contractor Be trustworthy Note: TA(s) may not be Contractors. If a TA who is also a Contractor attempts to log in to TASS as a TA, TASS will lock him or her out of the system and send an email notification to his or her SPOC, TASM, and TA. Note: To access TASS and perform TA duties, the TA must pass the annual TASS Certification Training requirements; see Section 3.7 (SPOC, TASM, and TA TASS Certification Training). 3 TASS Business Process Overview The following sections describe the elements of the TASS Business Process. This section provides key steps necessary to operate TASS. Section 3.1 describes the process for creating TASS sites. Sections 3.2 3.7 explain guidelines for adding and training TASS users. The process for creating TASS applications is included in Sections 3.8 3.13. Finally, information on managing TASS records and revoking TASS sites and users can be found in Sections 3.14 3.19. 3.1 Site Creation The SPOC starts the TASS Business Process by registering a site. A TASS site (sometimes referred to as a Site ID or Organization) is a logical collection of TASS users under the organizational control of a TASS TASM. Each TASM, in turn, reports to a SPOC. The SPOC uses the EMMA application to register new TASS sites.