Isi certification mark scheme confers certain

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ISI certification mark scheme confers certain benefits to consumers: 1. ISI marked goods are subject to quality control. 2. ISI mark helps the consumers to choose a standard product. Annamalai University
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203 3. Free replacement of ISI marked products in case they are found to be sub- standard quality. 4. Protection from exploitation and deception. 5. Assurance of safety against hazards to life and property. 2.1.1. Main Activities of BIS The Bureau of Indian Standards, the National Standards Body, is looking after the consumer’s interest through its two major activities, namely, standards formulation and certification marketing. Standards Formulation : BIS is entrusted with the task of formulation and promotion of standards in all sectors of economy. The product standards prescribe optimum levels of quality, safety and performance of relevant products and methods of their practical evaluation. Certification Marking : The BIS Certification Marks Scheme, operated under the provisions of the BIS Act, 1986, is basically a voluntary scheme wherein manufacturers are permitted to use the Standard Mark (ISI) on their products after ascertaining their conformity to the relevant Indian Standards under a well defined scheme of testing and inspection. The presence of Standard Mark on a product provides a third party guarantee to the common consumer about its quality. To provide greater trust to consumer protection and ensure better consumer satisfaction, the Government of Indian has made BIS Certification mandatory for items of mass consumption and those affecting the health and safety of consumers. These two major activities of BIS Standardization and Certification encompass all the elements essential for promoting the rights of the common consumer as enshrined in the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. The BIS has prepared over 13,000 standards relating to products, processes, test methods, code of practices etc., in variety of fields ranging from agriculture and food products to electronics and communication. Since its inception the institute has given 6000 licences covering 1000 products such as dairy products, food products, glassware, rubber products, plywood, steel products, cables, motors, fans, cooker, mixi, gas stove, refrigerator, vests and briefs, safety matches, cement, biscuits etc. BIS has established a full-fledged Consumer Affairs Department to ensure intensive interaction with and provide service to common consumers and their organizations. BIS is also publishing a special feature entitled ‘Consumer News’ in the ‘Standards Indian’, a monthly journal of BIS. The feature contains write -ups on the contents of Indian or international standards of interest to the consumers and reports the activities of conferences, seminars and workshops of consumer importance . A reprint of ‘Consumer News’ is being distributed to about 400 consumer organisations all over the country so as to achieve as large a readership Annamalai University
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204 among the consumers as possible. This feature is also carried in BIS, Hindi Journal ‘Manakdoot’.
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