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Q so do you bargain even if you come alone a yes

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Unformatted text preview: Q: So do you bargain even if you come alone? A: yes definitely. Q: Do you boast about it to your family and friends? A: Of course. And bargaining is a part of Sunday bazaar and you should know how to bargain here. If you don’t then it’s your loss (financial). Q: So do you shop only for brand new items or used as well? A: To tell you the truth, I’ve never bought anything from Sunday bazaar in my entire lifetime Q: But you have come here so many times? A: yeah but I just roam around. I’ve never found anything here that’s to my liking (or useful for me). Q:So its an entertainment for you? A: not as such. I come here to accompany my family. Q: So where do you shop normally ? A: I get my stuff from park towers, forum and sometimes zamzama. I only go to the defence Clifton area. The thing is because im in production I have to go to Lahore quetta and such places for drama recordings so I shop where ever find the time and convenience. Q: So when your family shops do they come and talk to you about the bargains they got ? A: not as such. I’m not into i.e. just come here to analyze the crowd. Because I’m back here in Karachi after a long time I had to get some furniture but the furniture here is expensive and no bargaining takes place on furniture. Respondent # 57 Assalam-ualkium! We are students of SZABIST and we are conducting a research based on bargaining specifically in open air retail markets like Sunday Bazaar. The interview will take 5- 7 minutes and we will appreciate if you can be a part of this exercise. A: Okay Sure! Can we also record the audio of this interview? A: Yes Gender: Male Income Bracket:15-25k Age bracket: 25-30 Profession: Looking after account payables at Imtiaz Super Market Q: How frequently do you visit Sunday Bazaar? A: Once or twice a month Q: What have you purchased during these visits? A: Clothes and any random thing I come across that I like. Q: Why not any other market? A: I think it’s a good place for shopping Q: What’s so good about this place? 135 A: Well firstly there is a lot of variety. Secondly everything is cheap here. Q: So do you come here alone or with family and friends ? A: I come here with my friends mostly and sometimes alone. Q: Do you shop or come here to look around and for entertainment? A: Definitely I come here to shop. Not for fun. Q: Do you bargain when you make a purchase? A: Yes. It’s a good thing that you get the cheapest price out of the vendor. Q: If you are buying a shirt for 200 Rs how much do you think you can bargain it for? A: Anything worth 200Rs can be bargained for a 100Rs.Half price. Q: How do you get the vendor to give you the item for half the price? A: Well that’s because you are not here to purchase just one shirt. Because they are cheap and you end up buying 5-7 shirts due to which the vendor has to bring down the price....
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Q So do you bargain even if you come alone A yes definitely...

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