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E the balkan powder keg 1 russia the largest slavic

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E. The Balkan “Powder Keg” 1. Russia, the largest Slavic country, saw itself as the protector of the Balkan Slavs. 2. Kaiser Williams II failed to take advantage of the Anglo-Russian rivalry. Instead, he tried to bring the Ottoman Empire into the Triple Alliance. He planned to extend the railroad from Germany through Constantinople to Baghdad. Great Britain and Russia felt alarmed on this plan. The spark that ignited the Balkan” Power keg” came on June 28,1914. The heir to the Austro-Hungarians throne were assassinate both while visting Sarajevo. 3. In the ultimatum, one party threatens harmful action if the demands are not met. The Austro-Hungarians were angry at the Serbs.
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4. There is a two part agreement in the ultimatum 1. The Serbian government must suppress all groups that opposed the Austro-Hungarians government. 2. Serbia must dismiss school teachers and ban books that did not support Austria- Hungary 3. Serbia must dismiss government official who spoke out against Austria-Hungary. 4.Austro- Hungrarian officials must be allowed to participate in the trials of those accused in the
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E The Balkan Powder Keg 1 Russia the largest Slavic country...

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