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Some point in their lifetime 30 of those with bn have

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some point in their lifetime 30% of those with BN have a history of AN Partial bulimia nervosa higher? 0% at 2 years and 1.2 % at 6 years A crude mortality rate of .3% BN shows a much lower mortality rate than AN; however, there is limited research on this outcome to be valid. Mortality Role of Food A false sense of control Food as nurture Emotional outlet
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Eating Disorders Cognitive Distortions All-or-nothing thinking Overgeneralization Mental filter Disqualifying the positive Jumping to conclusions Mind reading Fortune telling Catastrophizing Should statements Discounting Stigma and Myths Doing it for attention Just Eat! Superficial and shallow Never going to recover Selfish Disordered Sense of Self An attempt to gain acceptance, approval, control, and love through external validation Not about the food or weight Mostly about a disordered “sense of self” Attachment Theory
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Reflection Ideas Did you believe the myths and stigmas about eating disorders? Have your beliefs changed since learning more about eating disorders?
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