Chapters 8 10 0402 chapter 14 chapter 12 no class no

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Chapters 8-10 04/02 Chapter 14 Quiz 14 04/04 Chapter 12 Quiz 12 04/09 NO CLASS NO CLASS 04/11 Finish Chapter 12 Start 13 04/16 Finish Chapter 13 Quiz 13 04/18 Financial Crisis Presentation 04/23 Problems and Exam Review 04/25 Final Exam 7:45-10:15 AM Chapter 12-14+ Financial Crisis Presentation Selected University and College Policies Code of Academic Integrity Policy Statement
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Students at Florida Atlantic University are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards. Academic dishonesty is considered a serious breach of these ethical standards, because it interferes with the university mission to provide a high quality education in which no student enjoys an unfair advantage over any other. Academic dishonesty is also destructive of the university community, which is grounded in a system of mutual trust and places high value on personal integrity and individual responsibility. Harsh penalties are associated with academic dishonesty. For more information, see University Regulation 4.001. Disability Policy Statement In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), students who require special accommodation due to a disability to properly execute coursework must register with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) – in Boca Raton, SU 133, (561) 297-3880; in Davie, MOD 1, (954) 236-1222; in Jupiter, SR 117, (561) 799-8585; or, at the Treasure Coast, CO 128, (772) 873-3305 – and follow all OSD procedures. Religious Accommodation Policy Statement In accordance with rules of the Florida Board of Education and Florida law, students have the right to reasonable accommodations from the University in order to observe religious practices and beliefs with regard to admissions, registration, class attendance and the scheduling of examinations and work assignments. For further information, please see Academic Policies and Regulations. University Approved Absence Policy Statement In accordance with rules of the Florida Atlantic University, students have the right to reasonable accommodations to participate in University approved activities, including athletic or scholastics teams, musical and theatrical performances and debate activities. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the course instructor at least one week prior to missing any course assignment. College of Business Minimum Grade Policy Statement The minimum grade for College of Business requirements is a “C”. This includes all courses that are a part of the pre-business foundation, business core, and major program. In addition, courses that are used to satisfy the university’s Writing Across the Curriculum and Gordon Rule math requirements also have a minimum grade requirement of a “C”. Course syllabi give individualized information about grading as it pertains to the individual classes. Incomplete Grade Policy Statement
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Chapters 8 10 0402 Chapter 14 Chapter 12 NO CLASS NO

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