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Discuss the following relationships competition

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Discuss the following relationships: competition, predation, and the following symbiotic relationships: mutualism, commensalism, parasitism. Give an example of each Explain how community interactions leads to coevolution How does the biodiversity of an area affect community stability? What is ecological succession. Discuss the difference between primary and secondary succession. Discuss why nutrients (matter) cycles, whereas energy flows through the ecosystem.
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Ecology Review Questions Part III Discuss a generalized biogeochemical nutrient cycle. Explain the carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, phosphorous cycle and water cycle. Why are each of these nutrients important to life? What is a trophic level. Discuss the different types of feeding relationships. Why does only 10% of the energy from the previous trophic level on average get converted to biomass within the next higher trophic level? Why are food chains limited in their size? Describe the difference between gross primary productivity and net primary productivity. How does the rate of primary productivity affect the food web? What is a limiting nutrient? Describe how algal blooms form and why they are dangerous to aquatic community. Ecology Review Questions Part IV Which way do the arrows point in a food web? What are the arrows showing? Discuss the concept of biomagnification in relation to DDT. What is global warming and how does the speed and degree of global warming affect species? What is the role of CO 2 when it comes to global warming? Why is the ozone layer important? How does deforestation affect the community? Discuss the impact of invasive species and why they reduce the biodiversity of an area.
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