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True North official essay

Although i am significantly encouraged by many great

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drive is what gets me to accomplish as much as I have. Although I am significantly encouraged by many great professors and other influential people to take charge, I still have echo moments, where I repeat and imitate through example. It takes a while sometimes for me to grow out of a shadow. However, knowing that there are so many people that need to be encouraged to work as hard as they can with passion inspires and motivates me to want to lead. If I believe that if I am fortunate enough to be driven to fulfill certain goals, why should everyone else have to be deprived of such greatness as well? With reaching the understanding of what true leadership is, I am becoming much more conscious of which leaders are actually genuine. If I find something I am truly passionate about,
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Janine Nipal that is what I will lead. When a person is leading smoothly and lucidly backed up by one’s moral values, leadership should be very evident. Being able to take control of things in which a person loves allows ease to perform at one’s best. Leadership is not about the power or even about taking control, but it is about how a person is able to gather a group to work compliantly and with effortlessness. To be able to create genuine interests with the ones a person is working with, those people will mutually understand and trust you to lead. Having authenticity and passion with everything done will easily allow a person to achieve greatness in leadership. I believe my leadership style is a combination of several styles. My primary style of leadership is engaged. I love meeting new people. With the way I meet someone, I have a sincere interest in creating a friendship. I feel as though the best way to be able to lead a great
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