False an organizations size is the variable that has

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False An organization's size is the variable that has the greatest influence on the structure of the organization's information security program. information security An organization's ____________________ program refers to the structure and organization of the effort that strives to contain the risks to the information assets of the organization. True In small organizations, security training and awareness is most commonly conducted on a one-on-one basis. newsletter A security ____________________ is the most cost-effective method of disseminating security information and news to employees. True Organizations with complex IT infrastructures are likely to require more information security support than those with less complex infrastructures.
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True To their advantage, some observers feel that small organizations avoid some threats precisely because of their small size. True A security trinket program is one of the most expensive security awareness programs. True A convenient time to conduct training for general users is during employee orientation. A security technician Which of the following would be responsible for configuring firewalls and IDSs, implementing security software, and diagnosing and troubleshooting problems? GGG (guards, gates, and guns) Security officers and investigators are part of the ____________________ aspect of security. True In large organizations, it is recommended to separate information security functions into four areas, including: non-technology business functions, IT functions, information security customer service functions and information security compliance enforcement functions. True The purpose of the CAEIAE program is to enhance security by building in-depth knowledge, by developing security-related skills and knowledge, by improving awareness of the need to protect system resources. assessment An organization carries out a risk ____________________ function to evaluate risks present in IT initiatives and/or systems.
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False An organizations size is the variable that has the...

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