2 we need to import the package explaining what the

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System.out.println(value2); (2)? We need to IMPORT the package “explaining” what the class Random is! What might the following code print? A. 10 and 1.0 B. 1 and 2.0 C. 8 and 0.5 D. 8.5 and 0.5 E. More than one of these are possible
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Random Numbers import java.util.Random; // declare a generator for random numbers Random generator = new Random(); // generate an int between 0 and 10, not including 10 int value1 = generator.nextInt(10); // generate a double between 0.0 and 1.0, not including 1.0 double value2 = generator.nextDouble(); System.out.println(value1); 5 // one possible value System.out.println(value2); 0.42 // one possible value What do you think the following code prints?
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