But that works only on one side On the other side one type of locating means is

But that works only on one side on the other side one

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D . YOU 11–1 OBJECTIVES OF THIS CHAPTER After completing this chapter, you will be able to: 1. Describe several kinds of keys . 2. Specify a suitable size key for a given size shaft. 3. Specify suitable materials for keys. 4. Complete the design of keys and the corresponding keyways and keyseats, giving the complete geometries. 5. Describe splinesand determine their torque capacity.6. Describe several alternate methods of fastening machine elements to shafts.7. Describe rigid couplingsand flexible couplings.8. Describe several types of flexible couplings. 9. Describe universal joints. 10. Describe retaining rings and other means of locating elements on shafts. 11. Specify suitable seals for shafts and other types of machine elements. 11–2 KEYS
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