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Rule of reason dis afirm or reject it reducing the

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rule of reason Dis afirm or reject it reducing the sup ly of a product or service drive up its price alows most reasonable restraints of trade if they're economicaly ef icient and con ected to a valid busines purpose Clayton act specificaly forbids one of the 4 situations where a These types of mergers have contract wil be discharded as greatest potential of being in a mat er of law violation of clayton act Interlocking directorship impos ibility horizontal because of death of performer, destruction of property or go ds, acts of god etc Common defense used as If a company controls Act regulating price justification for mergers what percentage it's a monopoly discrimination failing firm defense 70% or more of a market Robinson-Patman Primary line injury is where When a minor ke ps paying Who can bring criminal actions on a contract upon turning against antitrust violators? secondary 18 civil action? tertiary injury to a selers competitors ratify Justice dept a buyer is af ected because of a FTC selers price discrimination if state then state at y general or lower prices for for the buyers competitors tertiary is customer of buyer hurt What is the potential entrant Groups exempt from antitrust FMLA ef ect? laws what is it and what does it do who is covered which companies ap lies to Family and medical leave act 12 we ks unpaid leave of absence in 12 months for birth or adoption or serious where competing companies The govt, ilnes tend to remain ef icient to major league basebal, must give reasonable notice and discourage new competition labor unions, and insurance worked there at least a year from entering the market industry highest 10% not guarante d jobs back-only ap lies to private employers who have 50 or more employe s FLSA establishes who enforces FLSA what kind of mistake is and says what grounds to cancel a contract minimum wage and overtime as time and a half forbids under age of 14 workers US Dept of Labor mutual is under 18 not alowed to work unilateral is not in hazardous positions in profes ions with tip of at least 20dolars a month half the tip can be counted towards salary WARN is and details ERISA says what a promise not to do something that one could legaly do Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification act of '89 Doesn’t require employers to establish pension plans forbearance if company has more than 10 and has complex vesting employe s must give 60 days rules advanced notice of plant closing or layof s if a person engages in outrageous conduct inflicting two types of torts doctrine of abusive discharge emotional distres he can be says what sued on grounds of cant fire because of race, intentional tort intentional torts and sex, religion of if a person reports torts of negligence an employer for criminal activity or refuses to engage in antitrust activities -says employe can sue if fired over these things Who enforces title VI of civil when a monopoly exists Case where sexual har asment rights acts, the equal pay act demand elasticity is
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