In terms of internal relevance this is a strong

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In terms of internal relevance, this is a strong argument. The support for the HC comes from the combined weight of the two stated premises for the HP, and from the HP to the conclusion. Insofar as the two premises define the nature of a true leader and consensus builder, and the HP denies this to the Toronto mayor, then the hidden conclusion follows. The way to critique the argument, therefore, would be to explore the definition. Exercise 8E Assess the sufficiency of different combinations of the premises offered for each of the following claims: a) Claim: Boxing should not be outlawed. Reasons: i) Boxing gives many young men the opportunity to escape lives of poverty. ii) Boxing is no less dangerous than other contact sports. iii) The art of boxing reflects an age-old human love of physical challenge and excellence. iv) While there are some serious injuries, these are relatively rare and proportion- ately fewer than in other popular sports. v) No one is coerced into boxing or watching the sport. The claim is not qualified in any way. It advocates boxing without conditions. People who support prohibiting the sport argue that it is dangerous (professional boxers die in
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