To manage feelings in ourselves and in our

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to manage feelings in ourselves and in our interactions with other people. Others such as John Mayer and Peter Salovey say that EI involves perceiving, understanding, using and managing emotions. Researchers have measured EI either through an ability test or through self-reporting tools (see resources). If EI is regarded as an ability, then it makes sense to assess users’ competence in solving a series of emotional problems. Such tools are time- consuming to apply and so other studies measure EI by self-report, as in the initiative in Scotland. Like other self-reporting tools, their use can be open to charges of bias. It would seem reasonable to assume that EI is important in nursing. Nurses are mindful of patients’ emotions and reactions, and they use that information to foster empathy and understanding. EI skills may help nurses to establish and maintain a caring environment. Emotional insight may also help nurses to cope with the stressful demands of a complex healthcare system, and lead to lower burnout rates and lower turnover rates. For nursing leaders, EI may be related to better performance, benefits for the organisation and improved team performance. Nursing scholars have begun to look at EI empirically. Studies have examined whether EI is related to GETTY IMAGES p62-63w31 62 30/03/2012 10:59
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NURSING STANDARD april 4 :: vol 26 no 31 :: 2012   63 CAREERS Research grants The General Nursing Council  for England and Wales Trust is offering funding  for research that contributes to nursing policy,  practice or education. The lead applicant  must be a nurse and the maximum amount awarded is  around £20,000. The trust will not fund organisational  overheads, equipment purchase or dissemination costs such  as conference attendance. Payment is conditional on ethical  and research governance approval. The closing date for  applications is April 10. Spirituality The RCN has published on online resource  on spirituality in nursing care. The resource was created  to enable nursing staff to develop their knowledge and  understanding of spiritual care. It can be used by all  healthcare professionals and includes links to additional  resources.
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to manage feelings in ourselves and in our interactions...

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