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Nke nike had originally been underappreciated by the

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- NKE Nike had originally been underappreciated by the Asian market, as it had been notorious for making employees work long, arduous hours. The reputation of the company’s supply chain may globally disrupt and disturb Nike’s reputation. On a positive note, it is reported that Nike is currently in the process of signing a multi- year endorsement deal with NFL Draft pick Andrew Luck. If the contract ensues, Nike’s NFL business will take over the contract as the league’s primary outfitter in the following month. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/china-apple-faces-nike-moment-114717675.html http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/morning_call/2012/03/report-nike-close-to-luck- endorsement.html?ana=yfcpc - SXCI Insurance company Cigna had closed the deal for medicare insurance company HealthSpring, which outsources its primary-benefits operations to SXC Health Solutions. Knowing this, analysts report that SXC is positioned well if CVS plans to sign with Cigna, which is what the buzz is about. Back in February 27, SXC Director’s Peter Benson invested $358,250.00 into 5,000 shares of SXCI, for a cost per share of $71.65. Big bargain hunters are paying particular attention to this company, seeing that the prospective for attaining money seems positive.
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http://blogs.wsj.com/deals/2012/03/06/cigna-open-to-selling-pharmacy-benefit-manager- business-again/?mod=yahoo_hs http://www.forbes.com/sites/dividendchannel/2012/03/05/snatch-this-bargain-even- cheaper-than-director-bensen-did/?partner=yahootix - MFST Microsoft is going to launch Windows 8 OS this year, which can be used with tablets. Although this is the case, analysts do not see the company’s prospective as optimistic. This may be due to the fact that the company is jumping into the tablet fad very late in competition with its rivals, leading to adverse consequences. Conor’s Investments Price two weeks ago Last closing price Dividend or interest received Two-week rate of return LULU 67.46 70.48 0 4.48% TXN 33.56 32.82 0 -2.25% Stock Bond Conor - TXN “The month over month revenue decline for January is in line with seasonal patterns,” SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association) President Brian Toohey said in a statement. “A weakened global economy amidst inflation concerns and the European debt crisis continued to affect sales at the start of the year, but there are strong signs pointing to recovery and growth as 2012 progresses.” - LULU Lululemon should report fourth-quarter earnings results later this month. Analysts expect to see a 53% per-share gain to 49 cents. Sales likely climbed 47% to $360.2 million, which would be the best gain in four quarters. 1. Analysis of your data: For each stock or bond in your list, discuss the factor(s)—in particular the relevant macro-economic events that moved the entire market and the events specific to the industry and company—that impacted the rate of return you calculated above. Team report
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NKE Nike had originally been underappreciated by the Asian...

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