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Arts 111 Week 7 Final Paper

The ha ha tonka castle was built by cutting down the

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The Ha Ha Tonka Castle was built by cutting down the oak trees and timber on the property. “The tower through gravity pressure would furnish water to the garages/stables and the mansion” . Over two hundred men were used for the construction in order to save money. Stone from the property was also used in the construction of the castle and were cut and sized then packed to the castle by mules and a hoisting engine pulling a cart on tracks. “The domes express the symbolic significance of the circle as a divine shape with God at its center” . Domes rested on pendentives and small windows which looked like a light coming down from heaven . The acoustics were one of the distinctive features of the building which were achieved by placing 64 pots in different places in the walls and the floor . The Ha Ha Tonka is at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri located in the Ha Ha Tonka State Park. The Mosque of Suleyman is located in Istanbul, Turkey (Adams 2011, p. 321). Each of these architectures are symmetrical and since these are not paintings I will have to say that the architects used vertical, horizontal and curved lines in the blueprints of both buildings. The Ha Ha Tonka Castle was built hundreds of feet above the lake on a cliff and the castle itself was 115 feet tall. The main building was also three stories with a full basement. There are four big stone chimneys, two on each side. The stone walls were two feet thick with large windows on each side . This was truly a beautiful piece of art and even after it caught fire it still catches the attention of the human eye for its exquisite beauty. The Mosque of Suleyman is surrounded by a
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