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Clearly therefore for major agricultural crops

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Clearly, therefore, for major agricultural crops, plowing rye into the soil can play no part in effective weed control. The argument is most vulnerable to the objection that it fails to A. consider that there might be minor, quick-growing crops that do mature in 45 days or less B. identify any alternative method of weed control that could be used instead of the method it rejects C. distinguish among the various kinds of synthetic herbicides D. allow for the possibility of combining the two weed-control methods it mentions E. allow for the possibility that plants other than rye, handled the same way, might have the same effect Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q28: Fearing competition from stores that rent video games for home use, owners of stores that sell video games lobbied for protective legislation. Citing as a precedent legislation that postpones home film rentals until one year after general release to theaters, the video sellers proposed as an equitable solution a plan that would postpone rental of any video game until it had been available for sale for one year. Which of the following, if true, would support an objection by owners of video rental stores that the fairness of the proposed legislation is not supported by the precedent cited? A. Although the daily rental fee for home use of films is generally the same as that for video games, the average rental period for a video game is longer than that for a film. B. Film rentals for home use tend to particularly strong during the first year after a film has been made available for both sale and rental at video rental stores. C. Most people are interested in playing only the latest video games and tend to find video games that have been available for over a year unappealing whether they have played them before or not, whereas films maintain their appeal far longer after their release. D. People who rent video games tend to play them by themselves, whereas people who rent films invite friends and neighbors to watch. E. A slight decline in revenues from films that have been recently released in theaters has been attributed to the growing market for rentals of films for home use. Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q29: Several financial officers of the company spoke on condition that they not be named in the press reports. 16
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A. that they not be named B. that their names will not be used C. that their names are not used D. of not having their names E. of not naming them Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Clearly therefore for major agricultural crops plowing rye...

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