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Team report for the team portion of this deliverable

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Team report For the team portion of this deliverable, your team will report on the overall performance of your portfolio. This report should include three items: 1. The performance of your portfolio taken as a whole. Prepare the following table:
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Time period Your portfolio Compared to benchmark Portfolio value at beginning of period Portfolio value at end of period Dividends plus interest received during the period Rate of return for the perio d Rate of return of your benchmark for the period Your return relative to benchmark for the period First week $100,000,000 99,699,124.97 83,294.58 -0.3% Second week $98,620,575.18 Both weeks together $100,000,000 The value of your portfolio at each point in time may be found in the StockTrac “Portfolio Summary” report, and dividends and interest received may be found in the StockTrac “Transactions History” report. Calculate the rate of return of your portfolio for the period using equation (2). The rate of return of your benchmark is the benchmark performance number you calculated in the first part of this deliverable. Calculate your return relative to the benchmark as the (percentage) amount by which you outperformed or underperformed the benchmark. Use the following equation where the data are the rates of return from the previous columns of the above table : x 100 (4) (Note that equation (4) is the equation for a percentage change or percentage difference. It is the same as equation (3), just applied to a different comparison.) 1. Your portfolio’s current asset allocation given the change in value of its components during the past two weeks. Prepare the following table: Investment #shares or #bonds in portfolio Original percent of total portfolio value Today Change in percent of portfolio value Price per share or bond Total value of position Percent of total portfolio value ISRG 17,530 9% 514.28 Amount from transaction 9.015% 0.015%
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history GE 208,500 4% 18.85 3.994% (0.006)% TVC 50,500 4% 78.61 3.996% (0.004)% AAPL 11,250 6% 533.58 6.0206% .0206% NKE 37,420 4% 106.87 4.0110% .0110% SXCI 139,780 10% 71.43 10.014% .014% TXN LULU T-Note 3,500 10% 1,140.32 10% 0% Microsoft 6,260 17% 1,082.04 6.793% 10.207% Kellogg TOTAL 100% x x 100% x Calculate the change in percent of portfolio value using equation (3) where VBEG is the original percent of your portfolio’s value and VEND is today’s percent of your portfolio’s value. 1. Your recommendations for any changes to the portfolio. You may sell a portion or all of your investment in one or more stocks or bonds. You may add to an existing investment by purchasing additional shares of the stocks or bonds that you already own. You may also sell all the shares or bonds you own in one or more investments subject to the rule that you must adhere to the minimum and maximum number of stocks and bonds required of each person and each team. This means that if the team decides to sell all the shares or bonds in an investment, the student who was responsible for that investment now becomes responsible for the security that replaces it in the portfolio. Nothing is drastically falling, we should hang on to what we have unless we have can produce concrete evidence that there are better ways to allocate resources. We need to unload our Apple stock because it was double purchased by accident. Texas Instruments has been taking rather large hits lately as some report that the company may be charging products relatively high for the industry that it’s currently positioned.
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Team report For the team portion of this deliverable your...

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