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Body systems review questions part 1 give an example

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Body Systems Review Questions Part 1 Give an example of how organs work together within an organ system. Give an example how multiple organ systems work together. Explain how the endocrine system helps the body maintain homeostasis. Explain how negative feedback helps an organism maintain homeostasis. Explain how your body helps maintain blood sugar levels. Explain how your body helps maintain your metabolic rate What is positive feedback? Give an example. How does it differ from negative feedback? What is a circadian rhythm? Give an example. What is a tropism? Give an example. What is photoperiodism? How does it in²uence ²owering? Body Systems Review Questions Part I1 Discuss the steps of how the nervous system senses and responds to a stimulus Explain the stages of an action potential in detail. Why does an action potential only move in one direction? Explain how the sodium potassium pump helps maintain membrane resting potential. Explain how presynaptic neurons communicate with postsynaptic neurons. Explain how the summation of postsynaptic potentials determines whether the postsynaptic neuron will generate an action potential. Explain the relationship between the nervous and muscular systems Body Systems Review Questions Part I1I Discuss the difference between the innate (nonspeci±c) and acquired (speci±c) immune system Discuss the components of the innate immune systems The acquired immune system includes both the humoral and cell- mediated response. Explain each of their roles in the acquired immune response. Explain the important role of the helper T-cell Discuss how clonal selection occurs. Explain why the secondary immune response is faster and of a greater magnitude than the primary response. Discuss two ways you can develop an active immunity towards a speci±c pathogen. Discuss how the HIV virus affects your immune system Discuss how the immune systems of vertebrates, invertebrates and plants differ Ecology Review Questions Part I Describe the difference between innate and learned behaviors. Why are both types of behaviors important to the organism? Discuss the different types of behaviors and whether they are innate, learned or a combination of the two. Discuss the different levels of ecological study. Discuss the factors that affect population spacing. Discuss the difference between K & R selected reproductive strategies De±ne carrying capacity. What determines carrying capacity. Distinguish between density-dependent and independent limiting factors. Can exponential growth continue to occur forever as a population increases in size? What will happen as the population approaches carrying capacity? What will the curve look like and what name do we give this curve? Ecology Review Questions Part II
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Body Systems Review Questions Part 1 Give an example of how...

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