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McDonald’s Case

11 why is consumer satisfaction so important to

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11. Why is “consumer satisfaction” so important to McDonald’s?
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This is incredibly important to the company because it is essentially their philosophy. 12. What levers did McDonald’s pull to restore shareholder value? McDonald’s restored shareholder value by revitalizing restaurants and making a plan to win. New products were introduced that were aimed to meet customer demands; April 2003: Plan to Win (PTW) Strategy around the seven P’s: people, products, price, place & promotion plus “promise” and “performance”; revived a national mystery-shopper program (evaluate food); toll-free number to talk about experience; tracked individual store performance; invested in training systems; addressed health and wellness (Chef Dan and team); three-tier pricing strategy with an entry-level menu; iconic items (Big Mac’s) 13. How integral was marketing to McDonald’s turnaround? Marketing was key to McDonald’s turn around. The brand became communicated in terms of the local customer voice. McDonald’s became relevant in the eyes of consumers, and the new brand essence of “Forever Young” tied in with reinventing the brand as young and relevant; global marketing approach would be built on three pillars: focus, alignment & consistency – align within all the franchises for global consistency; clear worldwide communication; “I’m Lovin’ It” 14. How well accepted were McDonald’s marketing efforts internally? The marketing efforts were wildly accepted. McDonalds needed a single campaign that could circle the world and restore the brand to its rightful position. 15. How would you grade McDonald’s performance as a “marketing company”? McDonalds did an excellent job turning around the company. Its value of stock had dropped significantly and with the new marketing that the company implemented gave great results. Stores increased sales across the globe.
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