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In plants which of the following occurs in the dark a

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22. In plants, which of the following occurs in the dark: A) starch synthesis. B) carbon dioxide fixation. C) photosynthesis. D) glycolysis. E) cyclic photophosphorylation. 23. Which molecule is the substrate for starch synthesis in plants:
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2 24. CO fixed by mesophyll cells gets transported to bundle-sheath cells by movement of: 25. Which of the following is true about the difference between oxidative phosphorylation and photophosphorylation? 2 2 2 2 2 26. Mitochondria eliminate harmful superoxide radical, O that is generated at low frequency during oxidative . - phosphorylation by: 2 2 2 2 A) glutathione reductase reducing O to water. B) superoxide dismuatse converting O to H O . . - . - 2 2 2 C) glutathione peroxidase converting O to O . D) transport O out of the mitochondria. . - . - E) none of the above. 27. Thermogenin keeps newborn babies warm by: 2 28. Light dependent reactions of photosynthesis takes place in the: 29) Cyanide, CN , inhibits: - 30. Light control (activation) of Rubisco is based on Mg and increased: ++ 2 A) salt concentration. B) pH. C) fatty acids. D) pyruvate. E. O . Written Answer Questions 1. Under a certain situation, mitochondia accumulate an excessive amount of reduced cytochrome-b (E ’ = o 0.077v). How much energy would be needed to oxidize cytochrome-b by transferring the electrons to NAD + (E ’ = -.32v)? (Hint, the Faraday constant is 96.5 kJ v mole ) (8 points). o . -1 . -1
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2. Diagram, showing all atoms, the Malic Enzyme reaction found in bundle sheath cells. (5 points) 3. Diagram one Rubisco reaction. (7 points)
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