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LGST 101 Lecture 15

Were not going into the house firm but bright line o

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We’re not going into the house “Firm but bright line” o To get over that line, whether you penetrate the walls, you need to have a compelling reason But they did not have compelling reason
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o Anything that tells you something about what’s going on in house requires that you have a good reason Reasonable expectation of privacy o Do occupants of home have reasonable expectation of privacy? Case o Passenger on Greyhound bus o Placed bag in luggage rack You can expect people to move it around On the other hand, you don’t expect people to squeeze your bag Distinction between squeezing and touching No reason to believe that anyone would do anything more than touch bag o Passenger had reasonable expectation of privacy on bag o Because the initial manipulation (the squeeze) was unacceptable (exceeding), the arrest was not allowed, even though the passenger gave permission to officer to search bag The permission-asking and giving came after the wrongful initial manipulation Case o Supervisor intercepted emails with inappropriate content o In PA, you can’t sue for wrongful discharge, unless it’s wrongful o Email contained threats o Two concepts Look at law itself Intrusion – people cannot invade your privacy o How significant is that intrusion? Court says that this doesn’t reach an excessive level Law says it’s okay then What responsibility does company have? If you use company email and write something threatening to third party, does the company have obligation to warn the third party?
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Were not going into the house Firm but bright line o To get...

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