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D consumers who subscribe to a magazine generally pay

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D. Consumers who subscribe to a magazine generally pay less per issue than they E. Some of Paper& Print’s locations are in small towns and represent the only retail outlet for books within the community. Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q17: In the nation of Partoria, large trucks currently account for 6 percent of miles driven on Partoria’s roads but are involved in 12 percent of all highway fatalities. The very largest trucks—those with three trailers—had less than a third of the accident rate of single-and double-trailer trucks. Clearly, therefore, one way for Partoria to reduce highway deaths would be to require shippers to increase their use of triple-trailer trucks. Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument? A. Partorian trucking companies have so far used triple-trailer trucks on lightly traveled sections of major highways only. B. No matter what changes Partoria makes in the regulation of trucking, it will have to keep some smaller roads off-limits to all large trucks. C. Very few fatal collisions involving trucks in Partoria are collisions between two trucks. D. In Partoria, the safety record of the trucking industry as a whole has improved slightly over the past ten years. E. In Partoria, the maximum legal payload of a triple-trailer truck is less than three times the maximum legal payload of the largest of the single-trailer trucks. Answer: A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q 18: Which of the following most logically completes the passage? Concerned about financial well-being of its elderly citizens, the government of Runagiadecided two years ago to increase by 20 percent the government- provided pensionpaid to all Runagians over 65. Inflation in the intervening period has been negligible,and the increase has been duly received by all eligible
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Runagians. Nevertheless,many of them are no better off financially than they were before the increase, in large part because ________. A. They rely entirely on the government pension for their income B. Runagian banks are so inefficient that it can take up to three weeks to cash a pension check C. They buy goods whose prices tend to rise especially fast in times of inflation D. The pension was increased when the number of elderly Runagians below the poverty level reached an all-time high E. In Runagia children typically supplement the income of elderly parents, but only by enough to provide them with a comfortable living Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q19: Plankton generally thrive in areas of the ocean with sufficient concentrations of certain nitrogen compounds near the surface, where plankton live. Nevertheless, some areas, though rich in these nitrogen compounds, have few plankton. These areas have
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D Consumers who subscribe to a magazine generally pay less...

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