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A okay sure can we also record the audio of this

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Unformatted text preview: A: Okay Sure! Can we also record the audio of this interview? A: Yes Gender: Male Income Bracket: K Age bracket: 25 Profession: student Q: how frequently do you visit Sunday bazaar? A: once a month Q: where do you live? A: PECHS Q: Why do you come to Sunday bazaar? A: Shopping Q: what do you purchase here? A: Ladies fabric Q: why? A: because I am a designer Q: Why do you come to this market? Why not some other market? A: because here you will find a lot of variety ? Q: what about gulf and aashiyana ? These vendors have shops there too. A: Yes but the rates are different (lower) here as compared to gulf and aashiana even though the vendors are the same. Q: Don’t you think defence phase 8 is a prime location and prices should be higher than gulf and aashiana ? A: the prices can’t be kept higher because here people come from all walks of life, from all over Karachi including nazimabad, whereas gulf and aashiana are a segregated market specifically for people from defence and Clifton. Q: So tell me, do you bargain when buying clothes or fabric from here ? 127 A: No use bargaining, because they (vendors) don’t change the price. Q: Do you bargain? A: not that much. Q: do you think you are a good bargainer when you sometimes do bargain? A: not at all Q: Do you think females are better bargainers (than men) or not? A: well, its not always about getting a bargain, sometimes that way you lose a very good vendor. Q: so you think building relationships is important? A: yes Q: do you think its possible to build a relationship with your vendor at a place like Sunday bazaar? A: Yes.i believes that customers from defence come here and build a relationship with the vendors whereas people from all other areas come here to bargain and eventually lose a vendor. Q: do you come here with your family and friends or alone ? A: I come here with my friends Q: so fabric is the only thing you purchase from Sunday bazaar ? A: no, I also shop for shoes but mostly I buy them from light house. Q: so you buy used products? A: No, they have also got new stuff there Q: is there a bargaining margin on shoes? A: Yes there is a bargaining margin because I have an idea about the rates at light house. Q: So when you bargain you bargain according to the prices at light house. A: not really, because whatever price they quote is two times the actual price. Q: So when you purchase shoes from here do you go and tell your friends and family about the place of purchase? A: proudly, to such an extent that when I buy shoes from stone-age I boast around that I’ve bought them from Sunday bazaar Q: why that? Do you think it’s cool? A: you know people wont copy you then because they will come to Sunday bazaar, look for those shoes, not find them and leave....
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A Okay Sure Can we also record the audio of this interview...

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