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Thesis Final Report (long)

Household expense to me and i need to budget

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household expense to me and I need to budget accordingly and I have a habit of budgeting now Q: Do you browse through the second hand portion of this market too? A: I go there too Q: Do you buy anything from there? A: If I find something really good… then I buy it Q: Do you look around the used utensils and all too? A: Yes I look through them Q: How many hours do you spend here? A: Now I’m full of this place. Firstly I used to buy decorations and now these retailers are smart they know what crystal is. They quote just a little less then normal market for such items Respondent # 56 Assalam-ualkium! We are students of SZABIST and we are conducting a research based on bargaining specifically in open air retail markets like Sunday Bazaar. The interview will take 5- 7 minutes and we will appreciate if you can be a part of this exercise. A: Okay Sure! Can we also record the audio of this interview? A: Yes Gender: Male Income Bracket: 100-150K Age bracket: 40-45 Profession: Drama Director Q: How frequently do you visit Sunday Bazaar? A: Once a month but when family comes from Quetta 2-3 times a month Q: What have you purchased during these visits? A: Nothing, my family shops. They buy antiques and stuff for children. Q: Do you visit this market alone or with family? A: Alone but with family when they come here Q: So do you/they bargain? A: Yes definitely. This is a place where a lot of bargaining takes place. A: Rs500 item can be bought for 100-150 rupees. Q: so what is their way of bargaining? In a soft way or aggressively etc. A: People mostly bargain in a friendly (soft) manner. If the vendor is not selling then you move on. Q: why do you specifically come to Sunday bazaar? Why not someplace else? A: I don’t know any other places. 134
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Q: how about shopping centres? example tariq road. A: There we keep going. It’s a common thing to go to shopping centres. Q: So do you bargain there too? A: Yes. There is more bargaining at such places. Even though there are a lot of fixed price shops but bargaining takes place everywhere. Q: So do you bargain even if you come alone? A: yes definitely. Q: Do you boast about it to your family and friends? A: Of course. And bargaining is a part of Sunday bazaar and you should know how to bargain here. If you don’t then it’s your loss (financial). Q: So do you shop only for brand new items or used as well? A: To tell you the truth, I’ve never bought anything from Sunday bazaar in my entire lifetime Q: But you have come here so many times? A: yeah but I just roam around. I’ve never found anything here that’s to my liking (or useful for me). Q:So its an entertainment for you? A: not as such. I come here to accompany my family. Q: So where do you shop normally ? A: I get my stuff from park towers, forum and sometimes zamzama. I only go to the defence Clifton area. The thing is because im in production I have to go to Lahore quetta and such places for drama recordings so I shop where ever find the time and convenience.
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