About 85 percent of muslims consider themselves a

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Lesson 2 Assignment: North Africa and Southwest Asia (Chapter 7) Section 1:Multiple Choice, True-False and Fill-in-the-Blank Questions.Each question is worth 2 points.These questions are drawn directly from the textbook reading of Chapter 7 (both 7a and 7b).Please read the chapter before answering these questions. 1) Which of the following is not included in the North Africa/Southwest Asia realm? a) Pakistan b) Iran c) Iraq d) Egypt e) Afghanistan 2)_____ is the name for the land between the rivers. a) Levant b) Mesopotamia c) Choke Point d) Maghreb e) The Fertile Crescent 3) Which of the following is not an Old World culture hearth? a) the Indus Valley b) the Ganges Delta c) Mesopotamia d) the Mecca area of the Arabian Peninsula e) the lower Nile Valley 4) What is the difference between expansion diffusion and relocation diffusion? a) In the case of expansion diffusion, a phenomenon originates in an area, remains strong there, and spreads outward; in relocation diffusion, the phenomenon is carried by migrants to a distant location and diffuses from there. b) In the case of relocation diffusion, a phenomenon originates in an area, remains strong there, and spreads outward; in expansion diffusion, the phenomenon is carried to a distant location and diffuses from there. c) Expansion diffusion involves direct contact; relocation diffusion requires a mobile host that transmits the diffused innovations at different locales. d) Expansion diffusion continues endlessly; relocation diffusion is a staged process affecting an even larger area in periodic waves. e) Relocation diffusion requires mass communication such as television; expansion diffusion takes place by direct contact. 5) Shi'ite Muslims constitute the great majority of the population of _____________. a) Egypt b) Israel c) Saudi Arabia d) Turkey e) Iran
6) About 85 percent of Muslims consider themselves _____________.
a) Imams b) Shi'ite c) Asian Orthodox d) Sharia e) Sunni 7) Which of the following statements is INCORRECT? a) The overwhelming majority of Egypt's people live within 20 kilometers (12 mi) of the Nile. b) The Blue Nile originates in Ethiopia. c) The largest of all Nile River control projects is the Aswan High Dam. d) Egypt's largest city, Cairo, is located on the shore of Lake Nasser in Upper Egypt. e) The White Nile originates in East Africa. 8) The Aswan High Dam is located on the ___________. a) Shatt-al-Arab waterway b) Nile River c) Jordan River d) Suez Canal e) Tigris River 9) The major mountain range in North Africa is the ______________. a) Sahara Uplands b) Atlas Mountains c) Libyan Alps d) Sandes Altiplano e) Golan Heights 10) Which North African country fought a bitter war of liberation against the French? a) Egypt b) Libya c) Algeria d) Tunisia e) Sudan 11) The modern state of Israel was created in __________. a) 1923 b) 1937 c) 1948 d) 1959 e) 1967 12) Which of the following statements is INCORRECT? a) Israel's population is about 8 million. b) Israel's Security Barrier walls off the West Bank. c) In 2005 Israel decided to yield the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority. d) The United Nations gave Jerusalem to the Israelis under the 1947 partition resolution. e) The Palestinians and the Israelis both desire Jerusalem as their capital.
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b) Iraq c) Syria d) Palestine e) TransJordan
21) This country, situated between the Maghreb and the Sahara Desert and the home of Timbuktu, experienced a military coup in 2012: a) Tunisia b) Mali c) Mauritania d) Libya e) Chad 22) Figure 7B-8 shows that these two countries occupy strategic positions on the Hormuz Strait: a) Oman and Iran b) United Arab Emirates and Qatar c) Saudi Arabia and Iran d) Djibouti and Yemen e) Iraq and Kuwait 23) The Taliban is a multinational organization that seeks to establish Islamic rule throughout the realm.
a) True b) False 24) Niger's main export isUranium. 25) According to Figure 7B-9, the Kurds in Turkey live predominantly in the oil-rich southeastern part of the country. a) True b) False Section 2:Short Answer/Essay Questions.Each essay question is worth 10 points.These questions are primarily drawn from the Powerpoint slideshows.In addition, feel free to use the internet, textbook and other outside sources to answer these questions. 26.Research online the Israeli-Palestine conflict.In a paragraph or two, summarize this conflict. This is a conflict that started in the mid 20thcentury. It is said to be traced back to the Jewish immigration and secretariat conflict in mandatory Palestine between the Jews and Arabs. This was with the Jewish Zionist and Palestinian nationalist project that are trying to claim the same territory. Basically, who gets to control a piece of land. Today the west bank is controlled by Palestinian authority but is still under Israeli occupation. A lot of the conflict has to do with religious and historical differences. Fighting has been over sixty years. The primary approach that has been stated to solve this conflict would be the “two-state solution”. This would give Palestine an independence in Gaza and most of the west bank and Israel would get the rest.
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