Couldnt fight britain economic warfare 1810 napoleons

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couldn’t fight Britain – economic warfare) 1810: Napoleon’s empire spreading (but didn’t conquer Austria, Prussia & Russia) Napoleon expressed nepotism by providing family members & friends with certain powers over certain satellite kingdoms (hereditary position) 1808 – 1814: Spanish Peninsular War ; Napoleon put relative Maximillion on Spanish throne; problems in the West 500,000 men rushed into Russia in the summer; less than 100,000 back out – disastrous for the French army Russia, Sweden, Prussia, Austria, Britain – formed a coalition against Napoleon 1813: Napoleon defeated at the battle of Leipzig; didn’t want Napoleon’s son in power 1814: Exiled to Elba (island in the Mediterranean) Louis XVIII : XVI is the brother (no Louis XVII b/c son was killed during the Revolution); was favored as opposed to Napoleon II The 100 Days March 1815: escapes Elba; confronted allied powers (French) at Waterloo ; BUT there’s a huge battle there – Napoleon doesn’t win Saint Helena : South Atlantic – new spot of exile; died in May 1821 Now there’s a restoration; a peace designed within Europe; settled boundaries between states; resettling borders was an issue (hereditary leaders – deal with
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couldnt fight Britain economic warfare 1810 Napoleons...

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