Italian fascism strength in unity – italy dealing

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Unformatted text preview: Italian Fascism: strength in unity – Italy dealing with inflation also – trying to make an ideal Italian physically fit, intellectual & down with fascism- Lots of little kids fighting – indoctrinating children to believing in a fascist state- Hitler promises to build a new Germany – national pride, honor, militarism- In Germany, they’re looking for someone to blame, especially with their economic problems manipulated to think that Jews were the ones who owned a lot of business – Nazis praised youth of the nation- Jews, women, disabled, black – perceived as degenerate- “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” – 19 th century idea of German nationalism – very creepy movie scene – idealistic, sinister German idea – people were condemned if they didn’t agree- Newspapers showed comics of people opposed to Jews- “If you could see her” – Cabaret German & gorilla – romance b/t different worlds- Separated Jews from Germans socially, physically, etc- Attacks on stores from storm troopers by German & Austrian citizens- New style of femininity mix of male / female suit – smoking, hair back, tougher but still pretty – really trying to create an image- Lots of surrealist painters – effects on psychic nature at the time – emerges out of Paris in the ‘20’s- Salvador Dali – surrealist; recognizable items un-relatable- Guernica – Pablo Picasso bombing of Spanish town by German & Italian air force – oppressive political environment but longing to break free- League of Nations failed & people were moving towards war...
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