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D does not exist e is embedded in and inseparable

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d. does not exist. e. is embedded in and inseparable from other people. 20. Which of the following is an accurate example of multi-level social analysis? a. Examining how role diversity correlate with measures of group performance. b. A study of the behaviors of group members as well as the behavior of group leaders. c. A study that examines the job attitudes and emotions of group members and stress levels. d. An analysis of values endorsed by individual group members, location, and group cohesion. e. All of the above depict the concept of multi-level social analysis. 21. Studies of collective self-esteem indicate that: a. personal self-esteem increases when collective self-esteem increases. b. self-esteem decreases when people associate with others they respect or admire. c. people underestimate the caliber of the groups they belong to and overestimate other groups. d. All of the above have been supported through research. e. people seek out associations with unsuccessful groups. 22. Schachter found that when subjects who expected to receive painful shocks were asked if they wanted to wait alone or with others, ___ chose to affiliate. a. only a few b. only females c. more than half d. none e. all 23. 19. According to the text, humans affiliate in social groups because:
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a. groups provide an evolutionary adaptive advantage. b. of their need for belonging. c. they are instinctively gregarious. d. isolation is a negative, painful experience. e. All of the above are possible reasons. 24. Correlational studies, relative to experiments: a. do not provide an index of the magnitude of the relationship between variables. b. do not yield much information about cause-effect relationships. c. yield more useful and reliable research findings. d. are not reliable because they are distorted by the Hawthorne effect. e. require excessive manipulation and control of the group situation. 25. Which statement below is a key characteristic of most groups? a. The group possesses a groupmind. b. Members pursue a common goal. c. Members respect one another. d. The role of group leader is formally assigned. e. The group does not change over time. 26. Sociometry is generally used to measure: a. group attraction structure b. both task and process performance c. attainment of group goals d. aggregated group behaviors e. leadership effectiveness 27. Which of the following statements is task-focused rather than relationship-focused? a. Generating a list on a flipchart of solutions generated to the problem the group faces. b. Complimenting a group member after a presentation. c. Asking the group members if they are happy with the decision.
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d. Offering to host a BBQ for the team during the superbowl game. e.
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d does not exist e is embedded in and inseparable from...

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