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Eg braille o pacinian corpuscleruffini organ large

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(eg braille) o Pacinian Corpuscle/ruffini organ Large receptive field Deep pressure Detect stretching, shape Touch and pressure o PAIN Injury triggers release of: Bradykinin A peptide whose activity is short lived Causes intense pain Substance P
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Associated with afferent fibers for pain Histamine Causes inflammation (swelling, itchiness, redness) Prostaglandins Category of hormones Sensitizes nerve endings to histamine Inflammation Aspirin inhibits prostaglandin synthesis (NSAID) Somatosenrsy networks in the brain o The dorsal column medial lemniscus and anterolateral spinothalamis pathwats for somatosensation o Somatosenroy cortex Receives info from the thalamus Made up of the post central gyrus BA 3a: muscle sense (position nd movement of muscles) BA 3b: fast and slow adapting skin receptors (“Is something there?”/”Is it still there?”) fast adapting and loses sensation quickly BA 1: fast adapting skin receptors (“Is something there?”) BA 2: Deep pressure and joint sense Primary somatosensory cortex (SS1) Somatotopic (homunculus) The larger the area the greater the acuity of processing
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